Organize your kitchen with a knife holder.

A Magnetic Bar Is A Great Addition

A magnetic knife holder is much more flexible when it comes to where you want to position it in the kitchen.

What is a magnetic knife holder?

Knives are an integral part of the kitchen and must always be stored in a safe yet easily accessible way. A magnetic knife holder is meant to do exactly that. A magnetic knife holder can be fastened to your kitchen wall allowing you easy access to the knives whenever you need them. The holder gets its name from an in-built magnet that firmly holds the knives in place. A magnetic knife holder may also be used to store other metallic cutlery including pizza cutters, pie servers and metal spatulas.

What are the main features of a magnetic knife holder?

Magnetic knife holders come in different shapes and designs depending on the manufacturer. This is good as it means you can always find a design that accentuates the overall look of your kitchen. The primary and distinguishing feature of the magnetic knife holder is the magnetic strip. It is the magnetic strip that holds the knives in place and is strong enough to hold some of the heaviest knives used in the kitchen.

However, the strength of the magnetic strip is not to the extent that it then becomes difficult to pull a knife from the block when you need it. A healthy balance is maintained between the ability to hold the knives in place and the ease of removal. Some magnetic knife holders have a plate across the magnetic strip so that your knives are not in direct contact with the strip. Others come with a nicely designed rib-like casing that allows you to store even more knives while at the same time allowing you to neatly display them.

The back of the magnetic knife holder comprises a bracket that you can fasten to your kitchen wall using screws. Though the knife holder can be slightly heavy, it does not take much to hold it in position when it is screwed to the wall as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

How is a magnetic knife holder best used?

Even though there is really no restriction as to where you can place a magnetic knife holder in your kitchen, many consider the best place to fasten it to be the kitchen wall right above your work area. The knife is arguably the most frequently used utensil in the kitchen. Positioning the holder right above your work area means you can easily access the various knives you need as you go about your cooking and quickly switch knives as you deem fit during meal preparation. Since the magnetic knife holder is a great way to accentuate the overall look of your kitchen, there is no harm in placing it somewhere conspicuous that allows you to show off your knife collection.

A magnetic knife holder typically allows for at least two rows of knives. You may choose the nearer row for the common used kitchen knives and use the back row for rarely used knives or other cutlery. Clean the knife holder regularly and also clean the knives before placing them in the holder to prevent the collection of dirt and potentially harmful bacteria. Make sure the knife holder is fastened high enough on the wall that it is well beyond the reach of children. Do not place the knife holder along the walls of the walking spaces in the kitchen to prevent someone from accidentally knocking their head against the holder.

What are the benefits and advantages to using a magnetic knife holder?

The traditional approach of simply placing the knives in a drawer has its drawbacks. The first is the risk to your safety and that of anyone else in your household using your kitchen. You can easily hurt yourself as you reach for the knife and pick it using the blade instead of the handle. This could also happen if you intended to pick another piece of cutlery that is kept in the same drawer as your knives.

Storage of the knife in a drawer that you have to jerk to open will over time reduce the shelf life of the knife as it rubs against the drawer walls as well as against other items in the same drawer. Placing knives that are not completely dry into a drawer causes them to lose their sharpness faster and in the worst case begin to rust. This is more so for knifes that you do not use frequently. There is also the tedious process of access i.e. having to reach for and open the drawer then searching for the knife you need. You will likely have to sift through other items before you can identify and pick out the knife you need.

These drawbacks of drawer storage are reduced if not completely eliminated by the magnetic knife holder. Sticking your knives and cutlery onto your wall will leave your drawers and kitchen working space free for other items. You can easily reach out for any knife while doing your cooking. A magnetic knife holder increases your kitchen safety. You never know when your children will walk into the kitchen and want to play with a knife. A well positioned magnetic holder can reduce the likelihood of this happening.

With the magnetic knife holder, since the knifes are effectively in the open and aerated, you no longer need to worry about storing the knives when they are wet; they can dry up fast when on the holder and therefore last longer.

In addition, keeping your knives in a standard knife block atop your kitchen counter can take up precious working space.

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